Wellspring Connections | Training
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Training & Professional and Personal development for Counsellors and others involved in the Helping Profession.

  •      I am offering an experiential learning opportunity of a creative way of working in counselling or supporting others in a dynamic and insightful way.
  •   I believe that clients have a wellspring of creativity just waiting to be tapped into. This training is about learning how to tap into natural resources, you may not even have realised you or others have.
  •   The main models, which we draw from, are Person Centred Art Therapy skills and a general Person Centred approach. At the least this means that the counsellor or helper facilitates the client to find their own meaning in the creative media. I believe that creative materials can be used to enhance many models of counselling and with a strong counselling base can enhance the creative process.
  •   Have fun whilst learning some very effective new ways of holding and containing client work.


Personal Development groups

Personal development groups are a good way of learning informally whilst also receiving support from your peers.

A regular 1- 2 hours set aside for personal development can be easier than finding blocks of time to fulfil statutory requirements.


Maybe you’ve often wanted to join a group but have never had the time to organise one.


A good opportunity to make new friends and build support networks.


Experiential Workshops

You don’t have to be an art therapist or a music therapist to draw on client’s creativity to promote self-expression and healing (and these workshops will not qualify you as such).

Learn how to bring creative materials into your own model of helping/counselling others.

Demonstration of and practice using creative media with client material.

Learn how to accumulate some easy practical resources for building a ‘creativity tool box’.

The seeds of much of our creativity come from the unconscious, our feelings and our intuition. The unconscious is our deep well. Many of us have put a lid over that well. Feelings can be constructively channelled into creative ventures………we can transform them into powerful art rather than venting them on the world. Such art helps us accept that aspect of ourselves.’ (Natalie Rogers – The Creative Connection – © PCCS books 2000)

Make the first step to a more balanced life.